Jihua Alu • Enterprise College was formally established

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  • Date:2020/06/18

jihua Aluminum • Enterprise College was formally established

  With the rapid development of science and technology and the speed of informatization, the world has ushered in two major trends of globalization and informatization. In the era of knowledge economy, knowledge has given a deeper connotation to the innovative development of enterprises. If enterprises want to win this new wave of positive development, they must pay attention and give full play to the power of knowledge.

  In the past days, the outbreak of the epidemic has become a sudden force majeure in economic operation, which has brought many difficulties and challenges to the production, operation and management of all walks of life. To strengthen the "immunity" of the enterprise and promote the breakthrough of the enterprise, timely innovation is essential. In this regard, Jihua Alu has its own way of contingency.


  Recently, the enterprise college that Jihua Aluminum has dedicated to formally opened, which has become an important measure to turn "crisis" into an opportunity under the "epidemic situation". By observing internal management, implementing knowledge strategy, lean production, precise delivery, and quality marketing, we will cheer for future development! The establishment of Jihua • Enterprise College aims to improve the cohesion, productivity and creativity of enterprises in the process of continuous strengthening of internal management through the "three knowledge" model of perception, seeking knowledge and cognition.

  Against the background of global emphasis on green, environmental protection, and energy saving, the future development trend of the aluminum industry will be refined aluminum processing technology, intelligent aluminum processing equipment, and globalization and branding in enterprise construction. Standing at the key nodes of industry transformation and upgrading, aluminum profile companies must cultivate world vision, learn knowledge, use knowledge, understand trends, and grasp changing development opportunities.


  When you perceive and reap inspiration, you have a direction to move forward. Always cherish a heart of exploration for unknown knowledge, seek up and down, and grasp the strategic basis of technological innovation. The development of new technologies, or the application and innovation of existing technologies, are strong testimonies to lay a solid foundation and inject vitality into the enterprise.
  Only by building a team can we unite strength and wisdom. Everyone wants to focus on one place, and strive to achieve a "cognitive" consensus, in order to better focus on the goal, achieve efficient production and high-quality development! Create unlimited possibilities while fully prepared.

  The "Aluminum Processing Industry Technology Network Forum" jointly sponsored by the Guangdong (Nanhai) Aluminum Processing Industry Alliance and the Aluminum Industry Association of Nanhai District of Foshan City was successfully held. With the opportunity of the opening of Jihua Alu and Enterprise College, the company organized employees to watch the live broadcast of the forum in real time, incorporating the "three knowledge" model of perceived trends, knowledge-seeking technology, and cognitive development into vivid practice, and strategically maintained "Conscientiousness, advancement"; at the same time online and offline learning and linkage, broaden the thinking of industry development, product application, enterprise model, etc., and deepen understanding.



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