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Extrusion is the common method used in the fabrication of aluminium profiles, which allows you to make a number of innovative designs with regards to both the structure and design of these profiles. The method quite resembles squeezing lemon from a bottle. The aluminium profile is placed into a mandrel and the gas is pumped back out automatically through a nozzle. The aluminium profile is then shaped accordingly with the help of a mandrel press and the profile is polished with hand tools.

A significant benefit of using this system for constructing load-bearing structures is that it can be easily made to almost any size within a few hours. This is because the system consists of mandrels that are easily manipulated. You can determine the sizes of these profiles by using a tape measure. The tape measurer lets you determine the inside dimensions of the aluminium alloy sheet according to its cross-sectional area. Once you get the required measurements, you can easily cut them with the use of aluminium cement or by pressing the aluminium alloy into a jigsaw at high speed. There is no need for hammers or saws as such to make these cuts as the aluminium profile system works on a mechanical principle alone.

One of the major advantages of using aluminium profile is that you do not have to worry about getting cracks on the surface as the method uses an aluminium powder filled material. This means that it does not deform or become brittle when the pressure changes. The durability of the aluminium profile is largely dependent on the surface treatment that is applied on it. The most popular type of surface treatment applied on aluminium profiles is called the surface coating. There are a number of reasons why the manufacturers of this product prefer to use an aluminium powder filled material instead of drilling holes on the surface of the aluminium alloy.

The powder coated surface gives the aluminium profiles a smooth and rounded surface that is highly resilient to knocks and bumps. This external appearance is another reason why the manufacturers prefer to use this type of surface treatment instead of drilling holes on the aluminium alloy sheet. Another advantage of using the surface coating is that it helps to extend the life of the equipment in terms of overall performance and reliability. In addition, the extrusion method ensures that you get consistent results from the first shot onwards. Lastly, using the extrusion method of manufacture also ensures that the manufacturing process can be done within a short time-frame.

The aluminium profile is manufactured in two complementary ways - direct and indirect extrusion. The first one involves the application of rollers or a drum inside a cylinder which is completely filled with graphite or similar material and positioned above the work area. As the rollers move against the cylinder, they exert pressure on the edges of the aluminium alloy sheet, thus compressing them and breaking the carbon molecules into smaller pieces. This process of extrusion or cap sealing creates a very strong and homogenous exterior finish.

The second way in which the aluminium profile is manufactured utilises a cold process called anodizing. Anodizing involves pouring a specified thickness of molten aluminium into a standard mould from which the hot and cold rolled sheets are ejected. When compared to the direct extrusion method, the anodizing process produces a much stronger and homogenous surface finish. With a homogenous exterior, this type of profile is far more durable than its direct-fit counterpart and can typically last up to five times longer than its direct-fit counterpart.

The large numbers of different aluminium profiles available today to ensure that there is something for every situation. Aluminium profiles can be designed to meet the needs of manufacturers to increase productivity, reduce cost and/or improve reliability; they can also be designed to meet the requirements of complex engineering designs or new demanding applications. Whatever their final application, aluminium profiles prove to be a highly versatile tool that can be used for a wide variety of applications in many different industries. They are easy to manufacture with standard equipment and offer a considerable degree of repeatability.


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