Aluminum vs. Wood Windows

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  • Date:2021/05/12

Are you looking to exchange the sliding windows in your home or business? Deciding which framing material you would like is a crucial decision you shouldn’t take lightly. Your choice will affect the cost of installation, durability after use, sense of use and maintenance, etc. Compare wood sliding windows and aluminum sliding windows, two popular material choices, to ascertain which one suits you best.




Aluminum sliding windows offer exceptional strength for long-lasting durability. Take excellent care of your aluminum-clad window frames and you'll expect them to last for many years .


Wood windows, on the opposite hand, are susceptible to warping, contracting, and expanding as temperatures and humidity levels change throughout the year. If the window seal is broken and therefore the wood frame gets soaked, it's going to require a replacement.


Home Value


A highly wanted feature for several homebuyers, aluminum sliding windows add more value to your home than vinyl or all-aluminum windows. thanks to their beautiful aesthetic, wood windows increase home value also . Both are excellent choices if your goal is to sell your home at a better price after making the upgrade.




While the ultimate cost of any window replacement project relies heavily on what percentage windows you're replacing and what style you select , aluminum tends to be much less costly than wood.




As an organic material, wood is susceptible to warping when it comes in touch with moisture. However, wood doesn't attract condensation. It requires a touch more upkeep, especially in humid climates, but as long as you've got a top quality window installed, water damage shouldn’t be a problem .


With that said, you never need to worry about warping from aluminum sliding windows. The metal withstands exposure to all or any sorts of weather and climate with none extra maintenance on your part. Just remember, the design of window you select impacts maintenance requirements also . for instance , sliding windows are easier to wash and fewer likely to possess a malfunction than single- or double-hung windows.


Colors and Finishes


Aluminum sliding windows offer the last word flexibility in terms of colours , finishes and wood types. At Weather Shield, you'll choose between seven wood species and dozens of aluminum colors. Combine these anyway you wish for a custom look to match your home or business.


The same goes for the wood sliding window line where nine wood species and quite 50 color selections allow you to customize the design any way you would like . The aesthetic of composite and vinyl windows simply don’t compare to the heat and classical elegance of wood windows.


So Which Is Better: Aluminum Windows or Wood Windows?


Many people require wood to maintain its beauty but not maintain it. That’s why aluminum is such an honest option. It offers the nice and cozy, comforting aesthetic of wood with the strength, durability, and low-maintenance of aluminum.


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