Jihua Aluminium latest effort: fluorocarbon powder resistant aluminium profile products launched strong!

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  • Date:2020/06/19

Jihua Aluminium latest effort: fluorocarbon powder resistant aluminium profile products launched strong!

   In recent year, with the continuous improvement of people's living standrad, the country and the society pay more and more attention to environmental protection and have higher and higher requirement. The policy guidance gradually restricts and reduce the use of high energy consumption and high pollution production technology. Under the promotion of national environmental protection and related policies, the growth of green coating market in China is more and more evident.


   From February 1st, 2015, State Administration of Taxation imposes 4% consumption tax on paints about VOC above 420g/L. At present, fluid PVDF fluorocarbon paint applied widely by aluminium profile manufacturer is in the range of collection. Powder coatings, especially thermosetting fluorocarbon powder coatings, are environmental-friendly coatings without VOC. Their manufacturing and coating tachnology not only are basically similar to ordinary powder coatings, but also have great weather resistance and chemical resistance. These two items are both fluorocarbon paint, but they have many preformance differences because The chemical structure of fluorinated resins is different. And the trend of "paint change powder" is rising significantly. Thus, thermosetting fluorocarbon powder coatings with lower VOC consumption and better performance gradully become priority development direction of the coating industry. Now, fluorocarbon powder coatings have been used in the area of building standard aluminium profile, especially in heavy pollution, strong corrosion, strong solar radiation environment.And they can show more superior protection in these environment.



   After 4 years, our company along with a supplier -- Guangdong Defusheng New Material Technology Co. LTD has invested a lot manpower and material resources in continuous testing. The products not only have been tested in Florida. Our compony uses FEVE system fluorocarbon powder which has been recommended for use in national standards in 2017.



    Over the years, Jihua Aluminum has always pay attention to ecological environmental protection, and made great efforts to promote high-quality economic development. Adhering to the attitude of serving the society, Jihua Aluminium actively responds to the call of the state and takes the initiative to promote the application technology of fluorocarbon powder. After 4 year experience accumulation, Jihua Aluminium has officially released Fluorocarbon powder with high weather resistance.



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