How Standard Aluminium Extrusion Is Used

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  • Date:2021/07/22

Standard aluminium extrusions are being used worldwide for hundreds of different products. These materials have been used in many different industries across many different sectors, such as shipping, agriculture, construction, chemical manufacturing and automotive. Due to their strength and durability, they're usually a good top choice for manufacturers looking for a durable, lightweight, strong and versatile material that can be used for a wide range of purposes. Aluminium is also very easy to work with and shape according to specific requirements. This makes it very popular for many different types of industries.


There are two main types of standard aluminium extrusions. The first of these is the extrusion profile. Extrusion profiles consist of the standard metal tube or cylinder and various other materials that are shaped onto the standard metal tube. These standard tubes are called 'standard profiles' or 'standard tubes'.


The next main type of standard aluminium extrusions profiles are called anodising profiles. Anodising profiles are formed using high-speed CNC machining machines. Typical anodising applications include valve trim, flanged side plates, door surrounds, dashboards, valve covers and valve stems. CNC machining offers a level of precision that is impossible to achieve manually, which is why so many companies choose to outsource standard aluminium extrusions profiles to an anodising company.


There are several other standard aluminium extrusions profiles to choose from as well, including extrusion moulding profiles and stamped profiles. The majority of standard aluminium extrusions manufacturers also have a selection of thermoplastics, including low heat levels for delicate parts, and thermoset plastics. Thermoplastic profiles are similar to standard aluminium extrusions in that they too are formed on standard metal tubes through CNC machining. However, thermoplastics have special properties that mean that they can withstand high temperatures and they will not melt when exposed to extreme heat. This means that they offer a viable solution for situations where the standard aluminium extrusion will melt or burn up in extreme temperature ranges.


The final standard aluminium extrusion profile is called a powder coating standard aluminium extrusions profile. A powder coating profile is used in conjunction with a cold work process to create a hard metallic finish. In order to create this finish, a hard metal pail containing a specially prepared resin is shot into the part to be coated. When the resin hardens, it is removed by the application of successive layers of a hardening agent, such as an anti-rust liquid. As the metal begins to solidify, it gradually takes on a particular colour, which can be matched to the colour of the surrounding part by the application of a finishing compound.


Standard aluminium extrusion can be used for many different applications, including precision engineering parts, high quality mechanical parts and industrial fasteners. But for many applications, standard aluminium profiles are unable to provide the strength and durability that are required, because of the small size of the profiles. Because of the small standard size of the aluminium profiles, the production cost of these parts is higher than some alternative profiles, which makes them unsuitable for some projects. To combat this, some companies have introduced anodizing, where anodized aluminium is sprayed onto the surface of the part being produced. This method ensures that the product will have a hard enough surface to withstand the stresses caused by constant vibrations.


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