Process In Powder Coating For Aluminum Extrusions

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  • Date:2021/11/29

Powder coating is one of the most efficient ways to coat aluminum extrusions. The process involves coating the aluminium sections with a thin layer of paint that sticks to the extrusion. The color and texture of the extrusion depends on the type of pigments used. When it comes to coating, you can choose between inorganic and organic pigments. The method is similar to that used to paint cars or buildings, and it is easy to apply. The process is also quick and relatively inexpensive.


The process is simple. First, the extrusions are dried. Then, the coating is applied. The aluminum extrusions are placed in two different ovens, and the extrusions are coated with powder. Then, the extrusions are cured. The entire process is carried out with an electrostatic spray gun. In addition, the powder coating allows for uniform thickness of the coating.


A good powder coating method uses electrostatic charges to bond with the surface of the aluminium. This type of finish does not require a solvent. The powder is applied to the aluminum extrusions after the pretreatment. In addition, the powder can be applied to the entire extrusion, including the edges. Afterwards, the parts are cured by a heat-curing oven. The coating is completely removable once it is set.


When it comes to custom-made aluminium extrusions, there are two basic options: anodising and powder coating. Compared to the liquid paint, powder coating is more durable and offers a variety of unique textures and colours. It is not harmful to the environment, and the process is straightforward. The coatings are applied by an electrostatically charged paint. After the process, the parts are allowed to cool.


Among the many finishing methods, powder coating is the most popular. Its application is quick, easy, and cheap. It increases the lifespan of aluminum profiles. The benefits of powder coating are that it is inexpensive and offers great protection against rusting, scratches, and the sun. In addition, it can be done over a wide range of materials, including furniture tubes and aerospace parts. Further, powder coating is highly durable, and it does not damage the environment.


The process of applying decorative finishes to aluminium profiles is known as powder coating. This process is eco-friendly, and requires far less energy than anodising. It also requires no harmful emissions and produces no VOCs. Further, a powder coating is easier to maintain than anodised aluminium, which is why it is an environmentally-friendly method. It is not possible to paint an aluminium extrusion before it is finished.


The process of powder coating is a popular method for finishing aluminium. A wide range of colours and finishes can be applied to aluminium, ranging from bright to dark. This method of application is very easy. In most cases, the aluminium extrusions are baked in a curing oven, at a temperature chosen by the fabricator. The process is fast and efficient. After the process is complete, the extrusions can be painted with any colour.


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