Restart the work in 2020

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  • Date:2020/05/07

                  In a race against time, Jihua Alu promotes the resumption of production simultaneously
  At present, the whole country has entered a new stage of epidemic prevention. Jihua Alu has implemented various epidemic prevention measures and strict employee health screening. The recent resumption of production and production, while effectively protecting the health of employees, vigorously promote orderly resumption of work, and strive to contribute to the restoration of social and economic rhythm.
  In the past few days, all employees of Jihua Alu have worked together to ensure the orderly advancement of the company's resumption of production and production with strength, strength, precision and temperature on the basis of strict prevention of epidemic prevention.
  Resumption of production and production put forward higher requirements for epidemic prevention and control. To achieve both hands and win, the company first convened a meeting of leading cadres to resume production and instructed each department to make solid preparations for resumption of production, and carefully implemented the epidemic situation after resumption of production To prevent and control, be prepared to fight hard and win. In addition, the company actively responded to the work requirements of the governments at all levels for the prevention and control of epidemic situations, and accepted the field inspections of the higher level leaders of the government, and vigorously promoted the work of Jihua to resume production.




In the current epidemic situation, prevention of epidemic prevention and control cannot be disturbed. The company strictly disinfects production workshops, offices and other places, monitors and reports the health status of employees every day, strictly implements the management of dining at a table and a meter away from each person, strengthens the prevention of epidemic prevention. Jiahua Alu resumes production and builds a tight line of defense against the epidemic.



Acceptance work must be precise, and need to be paid attention to safety. The company strictly follows the enterprise epidemic prevention and control guidelines, carries out item-by-item check and acceptance of the prevention and control materials, and conducts a large-scale inspection of the safety of the production site. In addition, online and offline safety training is arranged for employees who are on duty or not returning to work, and the string of safe production is tightened at all times. Make sure all the work accurately and implement it accurately to everyone. This is the precision of Jihua Alu's anti-epidemic work.



  Jihua Alu promotes the resumption of production during the epidemic, and strives to achieve epidemic prevention and control and business development with "strength, precision, and temperature."
In 2020, keep going on our  original intentions, make every effort to overcome the difficulties, and race against time, it is bound to run out of Jihua ’s development acceleration!



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