Top 8 Things to Understand about Aluminum Windows

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  • Date:2021/04/13

When it involves our kit-of-parts for a residential project, one of the foremost important components is that the aluminum window package. We use aluminum windows for a bunch of reasons: they’re extremely functional, maintenance-free, and complement the attenuated clean lines of recent design. They’re costlier than vinyl but far more cost-effective than wood or steel windows. There is a number of additional considerations that cause a successful outcome. 


1. The window panes are more energy-efficient than the aluminum frames; therefore the more vertical and horizontal breaks a window has, the less energy efficient it's. We believe that the P.E. loss through the frame is quite offset by the sturdiness, low maintenance, and clean aesthetic.


2. Use a mixture of double and triple pane windows to satisfy the energy code. We tend to use triple pane windows at the operable windows where the thermal bridge of the aluminum frame is the greatest. confine mind that triple-pane windows have a subtle difference in tint and double-pane windows tend to be clearer, so use triple panes judiciously.


3. Use a kerf wood liner, installed before sheetrock, to attenuate the looks of trim also as creating a straight, durable, and crisp finish to seem through the aluminum windows instead of at the framework and related trim.


4. Leave an important 1/16 gap between the inside wood liner and therefore the aluminum frame, as even thermally broken aluminum frames experience differential expansion thanks to humidity and temperature. We’ve found that an intentional line/gap may be a maintenance-free detail as against caulk which will eventually crack or discolor.


5. Double-check exterior alignments as applicable. Door heads, lines of other features, siding breaks, etc., also because the lines which will be created once offsets for flashing and siding offsets are factored in at the finish. Equally important, check interior alignments and mullion breaks. for instance, make sure that all cabinet and other finish materials are hitting any specific window lines they're intended to align with. Also, countercheck all mullions to make sure that they're not during a line of sight (standing at the sink, seated on the sofa, etc.).


6. Use awning windows where possible (hinge at the highest, opening at the bottom). Here within the Northwest, we have the potential for frequent rains, and awnings are often left partially open no matter the outside conditions.


7. Align the rock bottom of the windows at the highest of the inside base for an intentionally modern aesthetic. this is often an excellent thanks to providing the floor to ceiling windows and maintain continuity of the inside detailing


8. If the windows get too big, the glazing will need to be installed within the aluminum window frames on site.  This is often thanks to weight and manageability. Site glazing is usually a further charge, except for larger expanses of glass to embrace the light and view, the upcharge is completely worthwhile.



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