Why Use Powder Coated Alumninum Panels ?

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  • Date:2021/08/25

No matter what the current economic climate, or how uncertain the future may seem, there will always be those who will seek to invest in the latest materials, technology and products. And when it comes to something as functional, durable and long-lasting as glazed and coated aluminium panels, no investment comes close to powder coated aluminium panels


The widely used finish on powder coated aluminium panels is a tough and extremely durable'Matte Black' finish. This finish has the ability to withstand extremely high temperatures and is one of the most popular types of finish used on aluminum. Its durability makes it an excellent choice for a building material which will be exposed to harsh weather conditions. It is also widely used in the food and beverage industry because it resists colourization and will not change colour when exposed to extreme light, making it ideal for outdoor advertising and marketing. It is also used as an indoor lighting fixture and on countertops, because of its non-reflective qualities.


The final choice for glazing is polyester powder coated aluminium material commonly used in the sheet metal production industry. The polyester powder coating adds an extra layer of insulation, which means the panels are capable of reducing internal temperatures and maintaining the right internal pressure. The polyester coating also ensures that there is a very tight flow of air within the panel, which further ensures that the panels will not rust when exposed to elements outside. Polyester powder coated aluminium panels offer some of the best quality and most cost effective solutions for sheet metal products. They have been widely used in thermal glazing as well as interior and exterior architectural design and finishing.


There are many benefits in using powder coated aluminium panels. The durability of these panels makes them ideal for use in both the residential and commercial markets. In addition to this, because the panels are lightweight, they can be easily transported to various sites where they can be used for different applications. This makes it easier to change the location of a site to make room for a new application. The polyester powder coated aluminium panels are perfect for this application as the product easily conforms to curved shapes.


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