Casement Series

Aluminium Casement windows have large opening area, good ventilation, good sealing performance, sound insulation, heat preservation and impermeability. The inside opening window is convenient to clean, and the outside opening window does not occupy space. Casement windows will move the sashs horizontally, so it will greatly save indoor space, especially compared with the windows that are pushed outward. And this kind of window looks more concise. The lighting of casement window is very high. You can open it at any size when you want to ventilate, the area will be larger. Therefore, the lighting and ventilation performance of casement window are very good. The interior of the casement window is equipped with anti-theft lock points, and the indoor lock can not be opened outside.

Aluminium Casement window is suitable for the environment and area with dust, noise and rain. For example, in the middle and low rise residential buildings near the road, where the external environment is very noisy, the casement windows can be matched with three glass double insulating glass, with better sound insulation effect. For families with cold winter, hot summer and high frequency of air conditioning, casement windows can save a lot of electricity.



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