Aluminum Casement Windows

Aluminum casement windows are windows that are attached to aluminum frames via hinges. Jihua's aluminum frame casement windows are available in a variety of designs, and the right choice depends primarily on aesthetic preference, but also considerations such as cost, ventilation, thermal efficiency, and safety. Aluminum casement windows facilitate ventilation as they can be opened from top to bottom completely, which will also allow more light to enter your room. All in all, these types of windows can be used in most modern or traditional homes. Aluminum frame casement windows are a popular choice due to their durability, low maintenance requirements, excellent thermal performance, and high security rating.

Unlike double-hung windows, aluminum casement windows open outward, which means they can be opened wide from top to bottom and side to side. This allows the maximum amount of airflow to pass through the window. The ability to fully open the window makes it easier for you to catch the breeze. If you prefer to ventilate your home with as much natural breeze as possible, aluminum frame casement windows will do exactly what you need.

Aluminum casement windows create a tight seal when we close them because their hinged sashes press against the window frame. This helps prevent heat loss and prevents air leaks because there is no gap or space between the window frame and the sash. Thanks to this feature, aluminum casement windows are highly energy efficient. Since aluminum frame casement windows are very energy efficient, they help reduce indoor cooling and heating needs, further helping to regulate energy consumption.

Aluminum casement windows require negligible or no maintenance on a daily basis. They are highly resistant to splitting, cracking, rusting, or shrinking. These durable aluminum frame casement windows will not rust, rot, or peel off. Aluminum frame casement windows are made harder to dent due to the higher strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum.



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