Aluminum CNC Machining

In order to meet the requirements of customers, our company undertakes the processing of aluminum alloy profiles, such as precision cutting, drilling, welding, CNC processing, etc. We have professional technicians to complete the complex deep processing of aluminum profiles, such as CNC aluminum profiles, punching aluminum profiles, welding aluminum profiles and machine fabrication aluminum profiles.

We can finish various surface treatments of aluminum profiles and CNC aluminum extrusion. We can finish the coating before or after NC machining, depending on the customer's requirements. Numerical control aluminum profile processing is a kind of numerical control machine processing, that is, a set of processing program is compiled by computer, and the milling machine is processed by digital processing. It includes cutting, drilling, tapping, etc., and basically depends on numerical control operation. CNC processing can reduce the damage rate of profiles, which is favored by aluminum profile processing manufacturer. At present, our finished products include various aluminum parts, car pedals, 5G launch tower parts, window Support Bar, and so on.



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