Aluminum Extruded Profile Sections

Established in 1991, JIHUA ALUMNIUM has 30 years’ experience in manufacturing aluminium profiles for windows and doors, curtain walls, heat sinks, industrial aluminium profiles, kitchen cabinets, wardrobe sliding doors, glass railings, aluminium door and window systems, and aluminium furniture, etc.

With more than 12 extrusion machines, anodizing and electrophoresis production lines, powder coating production lines, wooden grain heat transfer production lines, and PVDF coating production lines, our production capacity has reached 50000 tons in a year.

We started our export business since 2000 and our products have been exported to South East Asia, Middle East,  Europe, Africa and South America, such as New Zealand, Spain, France, Czech, Thailand, Malaysia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Israel, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa, Mali, Benin, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Peru, Mexico, etc.

Specially, because of the rapid development of the China, architectural construction works were invested everywhere. Thus, architectural aluminium profiles play an important role in JIHUA annual output, which occupies about seventy percent. 

The mainly architectural aluminium profiles are categorized in five species, which are: Aluminum Windows And Doors, Aluminium Curtain walls, furniture aluminium profiles, Aluminum Bars and Tubes, extruded aluminum rails, and aluminum partitions, standard aluminium extrusions and architectural aluminum extrusions. please click in the detailed product to find if any interest you.



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