Sliding Series

The sliding window is opened to the left and right sides along the track. Generally, more than two sashs are required to form the sliding window. The advantage is that it does not occupy inside and outside space, controls the opening area at will, and is easy to operate. It is especially suitable for the windows of  room and balcony. The biggest feature of aluminium sliding window is that it doesn't occupy space and saves space. Aluminum alloy sliding window material is light, easy to process and cut, deformation rate is small, with better hardware products, the use of noise is also relatively small. Aluminum alloy sliding window lighting effect is good, can let indoor lighting more, from the appearance to see its overall shape is also very beautiful. The switch of the aluminum alloy sliding window is also very flexible in the process of use, because the high-end slide rail is used when the aluminum alloy sliding window is installed. Users only need to push it gently when opening and closing, which is very flexible. The force of the aluminum alloy sliding window in use is also very uniform, and it is not easy to cause some damages. Aluminum alloy sliding window is used in a very wide range, aluminum alloy sliding window can be installed and used in some residential areas, can also be applied in some public building facilities, can also be applied in many commercial places and so on, we can see its  in many different fields. 



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