Heat insulation Curtain Wall

Heat insulation Curtain Wall







Heat insulation curtain walls are a new innovation that is being made use of more frequently these days. This is an invention that helps in increasing the level of insulation that is present inside a home as well as cutting down on the cooling costs that are associated with a house. The invention relates to a heat insulation curtain wall that is made up of an aluminum curtain with glass and has an aluminum inner core which forms an insulated wall. This invention helps in cutting down the cooling costs that are related to the heating and air conditioning system of the house by bringing in some cool air from outside and sealing it within the aluminum curtain. It also has the ability to reduce or even eliminate the soaring costs of cooling and heating for your home.

The invention makes use of several aluminum materials and also consists of four major components. The first component is the aluminum curtain which is known as the heat insulation curtain wall profile. This component helps in bringing down the internal temperature of the house and thus improving the energy efficiency levels of the house. The composition of this component consists of aluminum alloys that include the likes of aluminum, zircon and aluminum oxide.

The second component is the aluminum frame, which is known as the heat insulation wall profiles. This frame also helps in reducing the internal temperatures of the house and hence improving energy efficiency levels. The metal used here might be sheet metal such as sheet steel or aluminum sheet alloys.

The next component is the glass panels that are known as the heat-insulating curtains that help in reducing the internal temperatures of the house. These are often installed along with the aluminium curtain walls to ensure complete coverage. The third and final component is the aluminium extrusions which are known as the fiberglass pipes. These are actually a combination of materials including the above mentioned elements that help in getting the job done.

When it comes to installing the heat-insulation curtain wall, you will need two main profiles for the installation. The first one is the base profile, which is made of the glass or other transparent material. It should have a hole that will be big enough for the fluid to move into and then the top and bottom ends of the profile should have a door-leaf section bar that has a small opening, which is an air space. The door-leaf section bar ensures that air cannot mix with the fluid during the time it is inside the heat-insulating curtain wall.

This air space could be sealed using either a rubber or a plastic sealing mat. This rubber sealant is known as the heat insulation mat as it helps in creating a seal that helps in maintaining a consistent air pressure in the room during the time that the hot air is pumped through the curtain-wall. The second profile needed for the installation process is the base profile. This one does not necessarily contain a hole or door-leafs. Instead it is a sheet metal that has a couple of holes through which the fluid sealant can be pumped through and at the same time another curtain-wall profile that is known as the curtain-wall heat insulating strip.


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