Hidden Frame Stick Curtain Walls

Hidden Frame Stick Curtain Walls

  • Stick Curtain Walling (SWC) may be defined as non-load bearing walls, usually suspended in front of structural steel or concrete framing. The term “stick” refers to the factory-cut mullions and transoms which are transported to site as loose bars and sticks. … Slighlines are slimmer than Unitized Curtain Walling.











If you are wondering how to incorporate some modern curtain wall decor into your building, you should know that it really doesn't take a lot of imagination to create a beautiful new look for your windows. The great news is that you will soon discover the following tips:

Modern curtain wall design units are usually made using steel framework but the very first curtain wall units were actually made using aluminum curtain wall design and extruded aluminum framed units. Both of these styles are quite common and you can choose one or both styles of units that will compliment your existing design.

Modern Curtain Wall Decor: Choose an Exterior Stucture With a Fascia You already have an idea about what you want your curtain wall design to convey to your visitors. If you're not sure about the best way to incorporate the fascia, here are some tips: Fascia - It's the curtain wall that frames the exterior wall of the building. You don't need to choose one that is fancy and artistic to create a modern facade. A simple, basic, and modern architectural design will do the trick perfectly.

Exterior Glass Facade: Use Exterior Glass Facade: There are several modern curtain wall designs that use an aluminum facade or another material to cover the glass, Moreover, it has the function of heat insulation. If you're just concerned about the temperature, there are also curtains that completely block out the exterior light. If your buildings architecture is not so unique, you may opt to use a combination of the two, but I suggest using the same type of material for the internal and external facade. The interior glass facades provide your building with more insulation, which translates to better energy efficiency.

There is no doubt that the best material is curtain wall aluminium profile when you plan to choose a curtain wall profile, . It has a much more professional look than the other options available. Aluminum curtain walls are very popular, because they require less maintenance and are easier to install. In fact, if you hire a professional curtain wall architecture manufacture like us company to aid you in installing it, we can customize the design to your specific tastes and needs and still use an aluminum facade.

There are other materials used to create modern curtain wall designs. There are curtain wall systems made out of wood, metal, velvet, and more. The material you choose should compliment the overall look of the building as well as your own taste and preferences. If all else fails, consider the use of glass facades. if any interests in our products, please visit our websites:


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