LJC 55 Casement Window

  • Opening Style: Opening Outwards, Casement
  • Weight of aluminum per square meter: 7.04kg/m
  • Glass size: 6+12+6 (27mm glass rabbet)
  • Specification: 2400 * 2400
  • Surface treatment: powder spraying
  • Payment Term: T/T (30% advance payment/deposit by T/T, and 70% paid against copy of B/L afters)
  • Delivery Terms: FOB, EXW

1. The overall structure of the whole window, the outer frame and the fan window are flush inside and outside, and the installation is simple and fast

2. The windows have good performance, excellent thermal insulation and sealing, making the living more comfortable

3. The outer frame is designed with 22 notch size, and the opening fan is designed with European notches. Applicable standard hardware

4. The frame splicing and opening fan adopt 45 degree splicing, and the tight arc crimping design is more beautiful

5. Reduce the frame fan to the lowest proportion, improve the indoor vision and lighting, and increase the field of vision

6. Add drainage system for frame material

7. Add anti-falling rope to the frame and glass fan to prevent the glass fan from falling due to hinge damage



LJC55 casement window is a price competitive and suitable for the project; The outer frame is 55mm wide, and the window sash is connected by striking angle. The connection strength is high, and the insulating glass can be installed. The performance is more prominent, and the appearance is more beautiful; Wide range of colors available, free and flexible design, more visual effect; High mechanical properties, multiple choices of colors and accessories, beautiful appearance, energy conservation and environmental protection

1. The whole window is a split structure, with the outer frame and the window sash flush inside and outside. The middle frame and the frame sash on both sides can be separated to facilitate splicing and assembly.

2. The frame body splicing and the opening fan adopt 45 degree splicing, and the corner assembly and corner assembly pieces can adopt the glue injection process, and the glass corner cushion block process to improve the overall performance; Strengthen the middle column design, make the whole window more stable, and improve the product's resistance and durability.

3. The design of the sub-frame enhances the strength of the window to a certain extent, and the notch-free design improves the drainage capacity, prevents the rain from pouring back and facilitates the installation, while the opening fan adopts the European standard notch design applicable standard hardware (Jianlang/Hehe, etc.);

4. Tight thread pressing design, stable connection, high wind pressure resistance, all thread pressing are internally installed, fixed glass adopts outdoor glue pressing, and indoor glue applying to improve safety.

5. Add anti-falling rope to the outer frame and glass fan to prevent the glass fan from falling due to hinge damage; Open the fan to increase the safety lock for children, which is more reassuring.

6. Automobile-level double-layer hollow toughening process (6+12A+6 double temple glass), integrated bending hollow aluminum bar with molecular sieve inside, hollow layer filled with argon, good sound insulation effect.

7. Various surface treatment methods, such as spraying, fluorocarbon, electrophoresis, wood grain, etc., provide customers with comprehensive profile surface treatment.





Heat Insulation




Sound Insulation




Air Tightness




Water Tightness

700  P ≥500



Wind Resistance





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