Electrophoretic Coated1

Electrophoretic aluminum: aluminum oxide as an anode, placed in water-soluble latex solution, through direct current, artificially deposited on the surface of aluminum oxide film coating protective layer to form electrophoretic aluminum. Strong corrosion resistance, surface corrosion resistance can be very high, can effectively prevent acid, alkali, salt erosion, is the best anti-corrosion of building mortar varieties; Satisfactory performance life, even in harsh, harsh environment decoration use, also can ensure that more than 50 years of life without corrosion, aging, fade, do not fall off; It has strong film hardness, strong impact resistance, high film adhesion, not easy to fall off and aging. It has better wear resistance, weather resistance and alkali resistance than aluminum oxide. Electrophoretic paint film with coating fullness, uniform, smooth, the surface color is rich, beautiful, with a mirror like gloss effect

Electrophoretic aluminum is favored by the public because of its unique advantages and has been used in many places.



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