Aluminum Folding Doors

Aluminum folding doors are mainly used for partition and screening in workshops, shopping malls, office buildings, exhibition halls, and home decoration. Both inner and outer doors can be installed and used. Aluminium bifold doors can effectively prevent temperature, dust, noise, and shelter. After the aluminum folding doors are opened, they can be pushed to the end, occupying only a little space on the side, so they are very space-saving, and the light will not be blocked, which can make the house more bright. The aluminium bifold doors have the advantages of elegant appearance, novel style, and various colors. They are easy to use, push and pull freely, and effectively save the occupied space of the door. In addition, aluminium bifold doors have chemical stability such as lightweight door structure, heat insulation, moisture resistance, flame retardant, noise reduction and sound insulation, acid and alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance.

The strength of aluminum allows for larger glass panels with slimmer frames, which means aluminium bifold doors let in lots of natural light to create bright spaces in your home. Due to their ceiling-to-floor design, they maximize the natural light in your home whether they are fully open or closed. When the aluminium bifold doors are folded back, you’re met with a wall-to-wall opening, revealing uninterrupted views and a room that extends to the outdoors.

Bringing the outside in, aluminium bifold doors transform your home to create a larger and brighter living space. Their flush design means that when open, the aluminum folding doors offer an uninterrupted link to your outdoor space and can even fold away internally for a flush, space-saving finish. Aluminum folding doors neatly fold and stack to one or both sides of the hole when open, allowing people to move freely from inside to outside or from room to room.

Aluminum is a low-density metal which means that it is incredibly strong and lightweight. Bifold door frames need to be strong enough to support large, heavy panes of glass. Aluminum is very strong, and the frame can be kept as thin as possible while still providing adequate support. And whether they’re exposed to direct sunlight, freezing temperatures, or downpours the aluminium bifold doors won’t shrink or expand.



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