Industrial Aluminum Profiles

An industrial aluminum profile is an alloy material with aluminum as the main component. Aluminum bars are hot melted and extruded to obtain aluminum materials with different cross-section shapes. However, the mechanical properties and application fields of industrial aluminum profiles produced by adding different alloy proportions are also different. Generally speaking, industrial aluminum profiles refer to all aluminum profiles except those for building doors and windows, curtain walls, indoor and outdoor decoration, and building structures. The industrial aluminum profile has been used in many industries because of its good formability and processability, and its surface is covered with an oxide film, beautiful and durable, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant, recyclable, and other characteristics. With the development of the times, its annual utilization rate is gradually increasing, which is obvious in the high-precision production and processing industry.

Aluminum has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than many other materials. Jihua can develop industrial aluminum profiles with different strength grades to meet the needs of a wide range of applications. The strength of industrial aluminum profiles can be concentrated during the manufacturing process by changing the wall thickness and internal reinforcement. Extrusion maximizes stiffness while minimizing weight.

Aluminum profiles are highly resistant to corrosion. Aluminum is incredibly resistant to corrosion thanks to its naturally occurring oxide layer. The surface of aluminum is protected naturally through oxidation, which prevents rust. This protective oxide file can be further enhanced by finishing processes like anodizing.

In terms of weight and overall cost, aluminum conducts heat and cold more efficiently than other metals. This makes industrial aluminum profiles ideal for applications involving heat dissipation or heat exchangers. The design flexibility offered by aluminum profiles allows designers to optimize heat dissipation for various components. Additionally, aluminum is twice as conductive as copper. Therefore, aluminum profiles are highly cost-effective for busbar distribution components and electrical connectors.



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