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As a stick curtain wall supplier and a professional aluminium curtain walling systems.  Our curtain wall in sound insulation, waterproof, dust, air pressure and safety performance are the best choice for the doors and windows.

Several stringent energy consumption regulations passed by governments worldwide have boosted the adoption of aluminum stick curtain wall across the globe. Growing concerns regarding environment, increasing trend towards energy efficient buildings, and moisture management required in commercial buildings further support the growth of this market.


The demand for aluminum stick curtain wall supplier has increased over the years owing to increasing energy concerns, and environment consciousness across the globe. The lower operation costs, installation costs, energy efficiency, and high quality are features offered by aluminum stick curtain wall, which has increased its adoption. Limited awareness among consumers has limited the adoption of these curtain wall systems in the past. However, with significant government initiatives and substantial investments, the adoption of aluminum stick curtain wall has accelerated significantly.

The increasing demand of aluminum curtain wall  is owing to increasing trends of energy efficient buildings, and rising environmental concerns.


Public structures commercial buildings are adopting aluminum stick curtain wall supplier owing to stringent government regulations regarding energy usage, and the need to reduce operation costs. Numerous key players have adopted partnership and expansion strategies to increase their market share in aluminum curtain wall markets of the Asia-Pacific region.


The different types of aluminum stick curtain wall available in the market include stick-built, unitized, and semi-unitized.

The unitized aluminum curtain wall segment accounted for the highest market share. Use of unitized aluminum curtain wall offers benefits such as increased energy efficiency, reduced operational cost, lower installation costs, reduced labor costs, and enhanced protection.


If you're thinking of redecorating but not sure what to do with all your old curtain, then a stick Curtain Wall Supplier is the way to go. As its name suggests, these suppliers are made up of a long, thin piece of material (usually wood) that sticks to the wall. This means that if you take down one of these sticks, it will not just move around the room - it will stay right where it is. You can easily find these suppliers online as there are hundreds of them scattered around the web. However, there are a few things you need to think about before ordering from the first company that you see.

The first thing to look at is whether or not the company supplies both curtain rods and sticks. Most do. This is important because you don't want to have to run back and forth to the store to pick up something. Also, if you want to change the design on your curtains, then you'll want to be able to take the original out and put the new one in place (if you want to repaint it, too). You should also check to make sure that the materials they use are high quality, meaning that the products last for years without falling apart. Finally, make sure that the supplier provides free shipping and returns if you want to return something for whatever reason.

How much do you want to pay? Stick-style curtains are generally cheaper than traditional curtains. However, they are not always the cheapest on the market. Therefore, it is important to shop around and find out exactly how much a supplier will charge you. This will ensure that you don't spend more than you have to and therefore get a great deal as well. The good news is that most suppliers have reasonable prices that you can easily afford.

Another question that you need to ask your supplier is whether or not you can choose your own fabrics. Do you want to choose fabrics that match your home? Or do you want to be adventurous and choose fabrics that stand out? By doing so, you can ensure that you create curtains that not only look great in your home but that also reflect the decor that you want to present. This is why choosing a company that offers this service is essential.

Do you know what your budget is? This is the biggest question that people who are planning to make sure that they have the perfect curtains always ask. This is simply because, unless you know exactly how much money you want to spend, it can be difficult to go shopping. Fortunately, most companies that sell curtain rods will offer a budget estimate in front of you during the initial meeting. Once you know this amount, you can go ahead and make your purchase.

Have you ever been disappointed with the Curtains at your local department store? If so, you should know that buying curtains at an online store is almost always better than going to your local department store. This is because online stores have a lot of advantages. The first advantage is that they can usually provide better prices. The second advantage is that the online stick curtain wall supplier will usually be able to deliver to your home in less time.


History of Modern Curtain Wall Constructure

Modern curtain wall is a wall that encloses space in a building but does not support the structure in any way. It is the exterior cladding or skin of a building, in which the exterior wall is not structural, but only protects against weather and occupants. Since the curtain wall is a non-structural cladding system on the exterior surface, it can be made of lightweight materials, reducing construction costs. The most commonly used material is glass, which not only creates a shell, but also allows light to enter, so that large uninterrupted areas can be created and light can pass through clearly.


How does the origin of the aluminium curtain wall relate to this great movement? The curtain wall is a symbol of modernist experimentalism, as for the first time architects and engineers play with the idea of ​​abolishing the traditional load-bearing wall which has endured since antiquity, greatly reducing the flexibility of occupancy and pays more attention to the structure rather than the user. Instead, they began to experiment with beam-column structures, which offered unprecedented occupancy flexibility; for the first time, buildings could have multiple functions to adapt to changing user needs.


For the first time, buildings can represent the dynamic conditions of users, not just institutions, religions, countries or abstract ideologies. This special structure guarantees a suitable substitute for the wall. It now acts as a gateway to integrate the internal and the external. Any innovation in the field of architecture has an inherent connection with users and humans, and runs its entire life cycle from its origin. The curtain wall is such an innovation.


Usually the industrial curtain wall system includes a series of facade designs. The various infill panels that can be used are various glass, aluminum or other light metals, stone finishes, fiber reinforced plastics, aluminum composite panels and shutters. These curtain wall panels transfer the load to the main building structure and provide insulation. They increase the visual impact of the building, but at the same time require regular maintenance and cleaning.


There must be enough high-rise buildings to enter the system for regular inspections. This certainly creates a dust barrier for the building. The success of the curtain wall system depends on its efficient ceiling, thermal performance, moisture resistance, sound insulation and visual appearance. Any curtain wall system should be designed to collect any condensation on the exterior. The careful detailing and design of the curtain wall prevents movement caused by thermal changes and wind pressure, so the connection that secures it to the building structure must be designed to allow for different movements.

What Is Stick System Curtain Wall Structure ?

Jihua stick system curtain wall is a curtain wall system which generally consists of extruded aluminum beams (anchored to the slab or substructure) and mullions called "sticks", cut to length at the factory before assembly on site. , which can affect mechanically fixed or open glazing (single or double glazing), metal insulating panels (aluminum, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, etc.) or stone insulating panels (marble, granite, etc.)


Stick system curtain wall refers to the construction method in which the curtain wall is assembled block by block in place. The manufacturer delivers each component individually; glass, mullions, spandrels; the glaziers assemble the curtain wall directly on the structure. The advantage of a stick system comes from its savings compared to a unified system. On small projects the scale is too small and the prefabricated panels are not economical so the additional time and cost on site is worth the higher unit cost associated with a unified small scale system. For this reason, stick systems are often used for small to medium sized projects.


The features of this system allow design flexibility while allowing the construction of complex and irregular 3D surfaces which can be defined as a non-loadbearing wall, typically suspended in front of a steel or concrete framing. The term "sticks" refers to the factory cut mullions and beams that are shipped to the site in loose strips and sticks. However, they can be assembled into ladder frames commonly referred to as "ladders" for faster assembly in the field.



Wide choice of modern curtain wall design systems on the market at very competitive prices and short delivery times

For angular or complex facades

Fine lines are finer than unitized curtain walls

Factory production process is faster

The order of buildings can be changed quickly



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