This project is located in the sea area of  Maldives. Considering the local climate, it belongs to tropical rain forest climate. The average temperature is about 26 degrees, and the temperature difference between day and night is not big. Therefore, we choose the economical jha88 series sliding door and jh50 series casement door for our client, with simple structure, light weight and beautiful appearance, which is suitable for the local climate and greatly saves the cost. The project is a tourist resort. The owner considers that the tourists will enjoy the immersion of the sunny beach, and will use the xmzd75 folding door series in the hotel lobby and some luxury suites to increase the sense of space and large view, Although the cost of the door is much higher than that of the ordinary sliding door, the characteristics of xmzd75 folding door show that different folding ways can be designed according to the size of the folding door, so that the door leaves can be fully opened, so that tourist can enjoy 180 degrees of beautiful sea view, and fully enjoy their vacation.


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