These are private villas in Singapore. Our client have high requirements for residential conditions. We have selected broken bridge doors and windows according to their requirements . The characteristics of these doors and windows are:

  1. Good thermal insulation, especially suitable for air-conditioned rooms, with remarkable energy-saving effect.
  2. Good waterproof function, hollow glass design, tight joints, can isolate external sound waves, the air sound insulation can reach 30-40 dB, can make the room more quiet, not disturbed by noise.
  3. .Anti theft and anti loosening device. The bridge broken aluminum alloy heat insulation window is designed with multi-point hardware lock. Its design is very unique, which can not only ensure that the window will not be loose in use, but also has good anti-theft function.
  4. Noise proof and sound insulation, with the design of insulating glass, the joint is tight, which can isolate external sound waves, and the air sound insulation can reach 30-40 dB, which can make the room quieter and free from noise interference.


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