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Quality wins the future

Fast, accurate, excellent, innovative, affordable and beautiful, to achieve customer satisfaction and global supply.

Provide systematic solutions;

One to one optimization of engineering solutions;

Rapid design, mold opening, assembly, first batch of sample production;

Attend customer engineering technical coordination meeting, project return visit;

The whole process to provide technical services.

Quick color matching service;

Perfect quality system management;

We adopt the international standard authentication, the production, and carries on the production according to the customer order product standard.

The whole process of information production process data management system;

Strict material selection standards and international well-known supplier quality control access system;

Rigorous incoming inspection;

Refined production process, the implementation of the entire staff quality participation system, professional quality control;

The testing center carries out strict performance testing on all aspects of ex-factory products;

Adhere to the principle of worrying what the the customers are worried about, fast and timely supplement of engineering materials;

The production equipment is advanced, the capacity is abundant, the working procedure is complete, the variety is many;

Production Cycle: the general delivery time is about 10-25 days, (the new mold will be extended 10-15 days), the first batch of sample orders express production;

Product Protection Packaging: insulation cotton/pad pasting/special paper (as required) packaging protection products, affixed with factory certificate, implementation standards.

Full-time merchandiser, guarantee delivery time, full service;

We will reply to the quality problem reported by the customer within 24 hours after receiving the written notice, and send staff to the site to deal with it within 48 hours. If the product identified as a quality problem belongs to our company, we promise to guarantee return or replacement;

Issue quality guarantee certificate according to customer requirement and order.

In the process of transportation and handling, anti-collision, anti-scratch and anti-fall measures shall be taken. Transportation and storage shall be carried out in a ventilated, dry, sun-shading and rain-sheltered environment. It shall not be stored in a seriously polluted environment, nor shall it be transported in a vehicle or container with strong chemical activity and severe humidity;

In the process of processing and production, the product surface protection should be done before handling and sawing. After cutting, the product may be sharp and sharp. The staff should take safety protection measures;

Avoid the use of strong corrosion (strong acid, strong alkali) material to clean the surface of aluminum, only suitable for the use of neutral detergent (or water) cleaning;

The protective film on the surface of the product should be made of high-quality non-corrosive materials for flat stick protection, avoiding winding protection as far as possible, and the product is processed, it is recommended to tear it off in time;

The finished door and window aluminum frame and filling body contact should be done to prevent seepage water measures;When owner is used, proposal is right aluminium material surface is cleaned frequently (below safe state), hardware component, seal strip should give often check and maintain, prolong service life and safeguard safe performance.


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