In the field of serive, Jihua has always been targeting to provide continuous supporting to our clients with our professional attitude and perfect service.

  • Request Input

    Request Input

    Finished samples or technical drawings with specifications need to be provided by the ODM clients, which are the precise request input OEM / ODM custom project for Jihua.

  • Concept Proposal

    Concept Proposal

    Jihua R&D team will check and figure out the technical drawings for clients in time and will offer the most effective suggestion scheme based on the project application on any changes, for the further judgement by the client side.

  • Cost Evaluation

    Cost Evaluation

    Jihua will process a complete assessment of the die-cutting, molding and other cost as soon as the technical drawings and order details are confirmed, and submit the quotation scheme to the customer in time.

  • Project Agreement

    Project Agreement

    Jihua will work on a further professional evaluation to confirm the detailed technical standard and project plan, as soon as the quotation scheme are confirmed.

  • Project Starting

    Project Starting

    When the project agreement is signed and effective and pay the deposit, Jihua will open the mold immediately, and finished the samples within 10~25days.

  • Sample Approval

    Sample Approval

    Once the samples were finished and passed our QC internally, Jihua will send the samples to the clients for final approval.

  • Quality Output

    Quality Output

    When the sample was finally approved by the client, Jihua will work out the quality standards(GBt5237.1-2017)and requirements for the regular order production, will guarantee the high-quality level of production.

  • Trial-run Order

    Trial-run Order

    Once the samples were approved, Jihua will confirm an official trial-run order with the client, which will better smooth the order handling, production efficiency and packaging issues before mass production orders.

  • Mass Production

    Mass Production

    Mass production orders will be released as soon as the first trial-run order were well received with the client’s satisfaction. Jihua will always deliver the commitment with a completely excellent quality control system and production reliability.


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