Doors and Windows Aluminum Extrusion Profiles Application

As a supplier of door and window aluminum extrusion profiles, Jihua's extruded aluminum profiles have the smallest thermal conductivity, good heat insulation, and sound insulation effects, and at the same time enhance the sealing of doors and windows, which will directly affect the use function and energy consumption of doors and windows. The door and window extruded aluminum profiles have rapidly gained popularity in the past few years. More people are finding it more practical to go for aluminum door and window profile products and have them installed on their houses. 


In the residential sector, Jihua provides energy-saving windows, weathering services, double-glazed windows, weather strips, and other home improvement aluminum extrusion profiles products and services. Residential market dynamics are seeing tremendous growth rates. The residential sector is growing rapidly, and manufacturers of residential aluminum window and door profiles are adjusting their production capacity to meet the demands of this dynamic market segment. With the demand for these products and services, the market size of extruded aluminum profiles is expanding.


The next fast-growing segment is the commercial market. The companies dealing with awning windows, sash and sashless windows, and curtain wall panels with bi-fold windows are also increasing their production capacity so that they can meet the demands of the commercial market. Some commercial buildings are becoming modern and require high-end window solutions. These awning windows and awning curtain wall panels with Bi-fold and tilt and turn windows are ideal for such buildings. Even in the corporate sector, where office space is of great importance, Bi-fold and tilt and turn awnings are becoming an integral part of the office interior.

Casement Series

Casement Series

Advantage:Doors and windows with certain ventilation, lighting performance and locking function

Sliding Series

Sliding Series

Advantage:Does not occupy space, beautiful appearance, economical, good sealing

Curtain Wall

Curtain Wall

Advantage:Light weight, flexible design, and high shock resistance

Sunshine House Series

Sunshine House Series

Advantage:Good lighting and ventilation

Profiles and Their Surface Treatment

Jihua's aluminum extrusion profiles belong to the field of metal material. Doors and windows aluminum extrusion profiles have strong corrosion resistance and alkali resistance, and are not affected by air pollution, acid rain, ozone, and ultraviolet rays, and can maintain their inherent color for a long time.

Anodizing Aluminium process

Anodizing Aluminium process

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Fluorocarbon Powder Coated

Fluorocarbon Powder Coated

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Electrophoretic coated

Electrophoretic coated

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Powder Coated

Powder Coated

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Wooden Transfer Process

Wooden Transfer Process

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Fluorocarbon Coating / PVDF

Fluorocarbon Coating / PVDF

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Decorative Sections

Decorative Sections

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Industrial Sections

Industrial Sections

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In the field of serive, Jihua has always been targeting to provide continuous supporting to our clients with our professional attitude and perfect service.

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Jihua Aluminum is a company with 30 years of wisdom precipitation, we will keep pace with The Times and look to the future. Compared with the traditional form of after-sales service, our future planning will focus on the information of a perfect distribution system in China. We hope to establish a dealer in line with our business cooperation concept as a point of cooperation, expand the market demand for local products, create a more perfect after-sales system, and strive to achieve a good service system.


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Top 500 Excellent Green Building Materials Suppliers
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Guangdong Jihua Aluminium Co., LTD.

About Jihua - Aluminum Extrusion Profiles Manufacturer
About Jihua - Aluminum Extrusion Profiles Supplier
About Jihua - Extruded Aluminum Profiles Manufacturer
About Jihua - Extruded Aluminum Profiles Supplier
About Jihua - Aluminum Extrusion Profiles Manufacturer


Guangdong Jihua Aluminium Co., LTD. (formerly known as Foshan Jihua Aluminium Co., Ltd. Established in 1991), located in Xingye Dong Road, Shishan, Nanhai, Foshan, is a large nationwide famous enterprise that is engaged in manufacturing of aluminum extrusion profiles.


The company has  23 modern extruded aluminum profiles production lines and 50 sets of quality inspection equipment with the international advanced level that integrates with casting, mold, extrusion, mechanical sand polishing, anodic oxidation, electrophoresis coating, powder spraying, fluorocarbon paint spraying, hot transfer print wood grain (stone grain), heat insulation (glue penetration, and filling) production lines, as well as extruded aluminum profiles deep processing. At present, the company has more than 700 employees, including over 100 senior, middle, level engineering, technical, and management staff.  Together with advanced/perfect design, manufacturing, testing, inspection methods, and complete sales networks. The products have well been sold all over the country and in more than 20 countries around the world.


Jihua is well known for its high quality. The products have been manufactured according to international standards and comply with national GB5237 standards, receiving good evaluations from users for years. In 2001, the company was the first to introduce Italian aluminium and plate wood grain hot transfer print equipment and technologies. In 2003, obtained the certificate of key high and new technology enterprise and obtained the title of "Famous Brand Product in Guangdong Province"; In 2015, obtained"China aluminum ten brand award"; In 2016, obtained QUALICOAT Certificate、 Seaside QUALICOAT Label  (License Number 3417)" and “Italy Memphis film transfer technology Chinese high-quality certification of manufacturers”.


Jihua always meets the market competition with first-class technology, top-grade products, and excellent service to satisfy clients’ demands.

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Guangdong Jihua Aluminium Co., LTD.


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