Aluminum profiles are different sections of aluminum products formed by the aluminum extrusion process. Aluminum profiles can be surface treated with anodizing, electrophoresis, and powder coating colors after different processes. As a professional aluminum extrusion profile manufacturer, Jihua provides a wide range of aluminum profiles such as industrial aluminum profiles, architectural aluminum extrusions, and more. If our existing architectural or industrial aluminum profiles are not suitable for your special purpose, our experienced engineers can help you to design your own custom aluminum extrusions and realize them. Aluminum profiles are cost-effective, sturdy, and durable, while at the same time having functionality and versatility as well as a stylish modern style.

Industrial aluminum profiles are alloy materials with aluminum as the main component. Aluminum rods are hot melted and extruded to obtain different cross-sectional shapes. However, the addition of different alloy compositions determines the difference between the mechanical properties and application fields of extruded aluminum profiles. Now the use of industrial aluminum profiles is more and more extensive, because the technology of aluminum extrusion is more exquisite, and it occupies an important position in the history of the world industry.

Whether you need simple shapes, complex hollows, or highly custom aluminum extrusions, Jihua can extrude them. With our advanced technology, combined with our customized approach, we can tackle your toughest custom aluminum extrusion challenges. Our ability to supply a wide range of custom aluminum extrusions means you have a virtual one-stop source for fabricated, painted, and anodized products. At Jihua, we're committed to providing only the highest quality custom aluminum extrusions.

The use of aluminum has become a versatile and stable means of producing extruded aluminum profiles ranging from simple to complex. Aluminum is often chosen as the material of choice for construction due to its strength, rust and corrosion resistance, ease of manufacture, and 100% recyclability. Aluminum is easily formed, machined, and cast due to its ductility and can be used in a variety of applications.



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